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All profits from the sale of these items support the Blind Boone Park project!

Memorial Bricks for the new patio to be finished in front of the gazebo steps are now available! Put your name on the patio!

2 lines of lettering, 13 letters and spaces per line. Put your name or phrase, or remember a special occasion or loved one. Great gift for someone who got married in the gazebo!! (We can also deliver them to you for your own garden at an additional shipping fee.) Only $35!


We recycle!

You can help the environment and help Blind Boone Park too! We have 2 recycling units in Blind Boone Park for plastic & aluminum for your convenience.

PLUS we also recycle cell phones and inkjet / laser printer cartridges! Just drop them off at the community center (in the box in the hallway) or at Cafe' Blackadder at 121 N. Holden Street, downtown Warrensburg! We'll do the rest. And we have new locations!! First Central Bank! All locations, including Warrensburg, Holden, Odessa & Higginsville! Thank you First Central!

First Central Bank




Blind Boone CD featuring recordings from piano rolls originally recorded in the early 1900's. The Blind Boone Park Renovation Group made history when this was recorded! It is amazing. This is a rare opportunity to hear Blind Boones music as played by him. He was invited to record using this "new technology" of recording onto paper rolls. It is clear and exciting! 7 pieces in all, including popular tunes and his own compositions. Excellent liner notes by our local historian, Mike Shaw are included. Only $10

Recorded with permission. All rights reserved.

Our own original Blind Boone Park T-Shirts. Sizes M, L & XL, in Natural. Sale! Only $10!

Our own original Blind Boone Park T-Shirt in Kiwi green. The Kiwi is really cute. I couldn't capture the color with my camera, but it does make you think of the inside of a kiwi fruit! I have medium and XL in kiwi. (They were out of large.) Sale! Only $8!


Blind Boone Book by Madge Harrah. Youth to adult. Library edition. We have a limited number of these books left. Hardback $15


Community Center Activities Scholarship

Your donation will support youth to whom activities at the Warrensburg Community Center have been out of reach to join in the fun!!

~Contact Us

Your donation to Warrensburg Parks for the 21st Century (our umbrella organization) is tax deductible.

$20 Donation

Join WAG (Warrensburg's Avid Gardeners) and support our community Garden! Only $10!

Your donation to Warrensburg Parks for the 21st Century (our umbrella organization) is tax deductible.

$10 Donation

Where are we going? We're going to expand the park! We know you need more room for your: *Wedding*Family Reunion*Picnic*

We need to raise funds for our park expansion of a new picnic pavilion, and you can help. Please join us!

Here are 4 ways.....

(Can you think of more? Please let us know!)

1. Save your Best Choice UPC labels!

Stop by the Warrensburg Community Center or Cafe' Blackadder in Downtown Warrensburg (or mail them in!)and drop off your "Best Choice" food labels. All we need are the UPC labels off of your Best Choice products and we send them in for cash to support the park! The first 1000 labels is worth $60 and every 1000 after that is worth $30 for the park!! Mailing address: Blind Boone Park Renovation Group, 131 SW 300th Rd., Warrensburg, MO 64093

2. Purchase some of the items from our store. All profits go to the park!

3. Recycle your cell phones and ink cartridges at our handy locations!

4. Apply for a Capitol One credit card! The link below will explain the benefits to the park.

3 designs to choose from (example)







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