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Kids love the sculpture!


The wind harp is the 3rd largest in the world! Originally located in the St. Louis Science Museum, we were lucky enough to purchase the harp and put it in place at the front of the park. It is located on the ADA walkway for the blind which includes sensory and tactile items of interest.

The Flower Hund Prairie Area is a lovely garden! It also serves as an educational tool to show people what can be done with native plants. Marie Frye designed and planted the original prairie and still comes from an hour away to tend the garden. David Young also travels an hour to tend to the prairie and keep the path mulched, and many other things. David is associated with the Master Gardeners of Johnson County, Missouri.


The 20' gazebo is wired with electricity so that bands can perform there. As is the entire park, the gazebo is ADA and has a ramp for easy access that was built by our Warrensburg Kiwanis as a service project.

The sculpture of Blind Boone is very exciting! It is meant to be touched and is part of the walkway for the blind.

Audio boxes are available on the walkway for the blind. They tell the history and layout of the park and the history of John William "Blind" Boone

Here's the sign you'll see when you reach the park with the harp & gazebo in the background.

Before: there was a lot full of weeds and brush. We had a community meeting and shared our ideas (and cookies!)


Warrensburg Kiwanis building the gazebo ramp. We had a lot of volunteers get together to build the gazebo!

The Association of Black Collegians from UCMO with volunteer coordinator Robin T. worked on the park in the early days. They cut and hauled branches and trees. Note the big pile of brush!

This group of 66 volunteers cleaned up after an ice storm made a huge mess. You can see the broken trees in the background. It was an amazing show of support!

Student groups work in the park every year, cleaning, painting, keeping things neat and attractive. Volunteerism is a great way to get to know people!



We hope you'll come and visit!


Left to Right: Jeff Coleman-Parks Manager of Operations, Travis Wright, Bob Bond and Mike McMillan

The park's general maintenance is done by the Warrensburg Parks & Recreation Department's maintenance crew with help from volunteers. It takes a lot of work to keep our parks clean and in good shape. Compliments are always welcome! Call to rent the gazebo or with your comments and questions: 660-747-7178

Above: The 2010 brochure for Blind Boone Park

Below: Our wonderful friend, Lucille D. Gress, sitting on the stone that we placed in front of UMB bank downtown. We were waiting for the Blind Boone sculpture to arrive, as this was the location of the sculpture while we finished work on the park. What a happy day.


This morning, I stepped out onto the landing and looked toward the east, part of my ritual for greeting a new day. Wisps of light gray clouds stood in sharp relief against the pinkish-lavender sky....As I watched, the orange red sun arced above the horizon, beginning yet another day. How like the events of my life, I reflected. Ordinary happenings become highlighted by the special meanings of experiences and turn events into memories.....

In my mind's eye, I look down the road, which disappears over the next rise. I am curious. I wonder what lies ahead....

I believe that the frontier yet to be developed lies in the area of human relations. While we have made advances in such areas as agriculture, technology, and space exploration, incidents of road rage and of abuse of human beings by human beings, the current illiteracy rates-all these indicate a lack of advancement in human relations.

Development of the ability to live together peacefully and productively becomes imperative for the welfare of people of various cultures, often living in crowded conditions. I would like to become a part of the movement to advance the field of human relations.

My memorial will consist of vestiges of whatever I may have contributed toward the common good of people, as I traveled life's highway. The legacy will pass on to succeeding generations. I believe that my immortality is part of an on-going intergenerational process.

~Lucille D. Gress / 1920-2003

Lucille was so generous.. She supported my efforts with the park project in so many ways and gave me strength to continue when I was unsure of my next step. Lucille was a driving force, constant supporter, inspiration, mentor and friend. I miss her greatly, but am still able to look to her for inspiration.


Note to music students at UCMO: There is a scholarship available started by Lucille and myself. The John William "Blind" Boone Scholarship in Music. Check it out! Donations can be made by mail to the Central Missouri State University Foundation, Inc., Smiser Alumni Center, University of Central Missouri, PO Box 800, Warrensburg, MO 64093.

All photos taken by Sandra Irle, Director of the Blind Boone Park Renovation Group & volunteer with over 14,000 volunteer hours in the Blind Boone Park project. This site was updated by Bill Wayne, followed by Carla Ann Bunty-Nace & currently by Sandra Irle. All rights reserved. We hope you enjoy the site!!

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