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Visit Blind Boone Park in Warrensburg, Missouri; the park built by volunteers!

Blind Boone Park was originally a segregated park for the African-American community. The Blind Boone Park Renovation Group volunteers worked for 5 years to raise funds for the park's renovation. They also worked with volunteers from every walk of life to create a beautiful ADA park for everyone to enjoy. The history of the park is not lost; bronze signs and audio boxes share the history of the park to all who visit. As one volunteer, Charles Briscoe put it, "What once kept us apart now brings us together".

You can still enjoy an opportunity to volunteer through our Adopt-A-Garden program! It's fun and so satisfying to know that everyone who visits the park will enjoy it all the more for what you've done. Join Tammy Roberts, a garden adopter since 2005! Check out her garden behind the sculpture of Blind Boone. It's beautiful!

Major financial support from the Federal Land & Water Conservation Grant Program with matching funds and more from businesses, organizations, store sales and donors from all over the world! Please donate today and support our efforts to preserve history.

Blind Boone Park


Many thanks to the Warrensburg Parks and Rec Maintenance Crew!!

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